Ode to my big belly

I will miss you, big belly, when you’re gone.

My precious egg
With your rumbling song.

My silent companion
I watched as you grew,
Holding a seedling, shining and new.

Slowly, you swelled
Happy and strange
Clutching our treasure,
Together we changed.

Watching your surface, the lake of Loch Ness
Stroking your roundness
Easing your stress.

Shirking the throng

Taking our time

Climbing the stairs

Waiting in line.

We never rush

Our goal isn’t speed

But slowly to nurture, coddle and feed.

We first shared our secret,
But now we can’t hide

We walk through the world
With our cargo, our pride.

Month after month, we’ve carried our freight,
Nothing to do but be

And wait.

Sleeping around you,
Siamese twins

You soak up your lotion,
Shadow my shins.

You’re noticed at parties
Patted, admired,
I’m grateful you’re there
holding court when I’m tired.

You anchor my day
And buoy me at night
Together we trundle, the end in our sight.

Soon we will part, my cumbersome friend.
Our time as companions must come to an end.

A wriggling, bouncing Kinder Surprise,

Breathless, we wait for the present inside.

Jessica Dearlove, 17.6.14



4 thoughts on “Ode to my big belly

  1. Gah! Just got really rather choked at that, hormonal wreck that I am. I shall save this and fetch it out in a few months’ time when my shins too are shadowed. Wonderful.

    • Thank you for your kind comment! Congratulations on your pregnancy! I shall probably look back in a few weeks time when I am enormous, sweaty and desperate to drop and wonder what an earth I was thinking when I wrote this 🙂

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