I’m writing this at 4:20am, my eyes feel round and eyelidless, like a cartoon cat.


I’ve had really disrupted sleep over the last couple of weeks – something I’ve never struggled with before in my life. My sleeping pattern has changed and I now sleep in two shifts from around 11 – 2/3am, lie awake for two or three hours and then go back to sleep until sevenish. Not a problem at weekends, but annoying when you work 9-5, Mon-Fri.

I’m 26 weeks today and, touch wood, everything seems OK. My funny fish is still flipping, kicking and twitching and my belly’s getting sizeable:


It’s much bigger in the evening than in the morning, which I find disconcerting. If I eat too much dinner i.e. as much as I used to, I feel so full I’m almost debilitated and my belly feels like a giant hard boiled egg. Eating little and often is way better, but not practical unless you are able to orchestrate your entire day around food consumption.

Mum and Dad came down to visit us with a cot and a chest of drawers this weekend, which I’m very excited to see built. We’ll have her in our room to start off with and then move her into her nursery later.

The waiting is getting boring now, but setting milestones helps. Week 30 is my next mental checkpoint.


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