My Spring Chick

My Spring chick is wriggling and squirming as I write this. Well, she’s a Summer chick really, as she won’t arrive until July, but I’m trying to shoehorn some topicality into my blog post.

We bought a very sensible family car over the weekend – a good old Ford Mondeo:


Jake painfully had to say goodbye to the sexy 2-seater Mazda MX5 that he had been cruising around town in since the beginning of the year. The first of many sacrifices we will make for our little creature.

Reduced sugar diet is going terribly. I’m like a crazed crack-addict around the stuff. There was literally a chocolate egg with my name on it on my desk this morning:


It was half consumed before 10:30am, much to the horror and amusement of my colleagues.

Physically, I feel really great and have little cause to complain – but I will anyway: still experiencing pelvic bone pain that comes on if I walk for too long without a rest. I’ve also suffered acidic fluid rising in my oesophagus over the last couple of days, which is probably heart burn (I’ve never experienced this before so not sure what it feels like). The skin on my arms and legs has also changed in a way that’s hard to describe. Tight, sensitive and itchy I suppose. On the upside my hair is full and bouncy.

We joined NCT after all. We thought: ‘in for a penny, in for 324 pounds’. It had better be good. I noticed with distain that we have to bring a packed lunch! For £324 they can’t even fork out for a Pret lunch. Humpf.

Jake put his ear to my belly and heard baby’s heart beating over the weekend, although just for a few seconds and then she moved and he couldn’t catch it again. I felt a touch envious as I can’t hear it. It sounds silly, but I feel like I am starting to learn a little about her personality just from her movements. She is a tease – punching around like Ricky Hatton when no one is watching, and when I draw attention to her and other people try to feel her she disappears completely. I can see her pushing my stomach out from the outside now, and when I was sitting in the bath my stomach was bizarrely lopsided where she had obviously moved over completely to the left hand side.

I saw a lady-swan sitting on her nest on Sunday. It was amazing, I’d never seen a swan nest before. Jake has seen her off the nest and says she has three eggs in it. I felt an affinity with her and I wish her and her offspring a healthy start and a happy life.



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