Bongos, pillows and psycho mood swings

Week 24. I had an antenatal appointment with my GP, Dr Taki, today. I’d called ahead last week to check he had a doppler in his surgery because I was a teensy bit worried on Thursday after the baby had a manic day of kicking and punching, and then a whole day of complete stillness. My fears were alleviated on Friday, though, when she resurfaced again to play the bongos on my belly for a few minutes. I’ve now got a week 28 appointment where a midwife comes to my flat, and then back to see Dr Taki again in week 32.

The last few days have been lovely, because for the first time Jake has been able to feel her kicks from the outside of my stomach. It’s amazing to finally have him experiencing the physical signs of her and share in the weirdness and joy it brings. She always starts up when I’m lying in bed in the evening, and when she kicks we laugh and Jake shouts ‘hellooo’ at my stomach. We pondered how surreal it would be if we heard a muffled little voice shout back one day.

Bought this £50 maternity pillow from John Lewis to stop me rolling over on my back at night. A fairly painful whack, but I’ve been told they are worth it. I tested it out last night and it was comfy, but I got stiff in the same position in the middle of the night and was restricted by it in terms of movement – which is the whole point of it, I guess:


Speaking of painful financial whacks, it turns out NCT is £327! I was expecting it to be about £200. I’m really in a quandary about whether to pay it as everyone says there’s nothing in the course you can’t learn elsewhere, so it’s basically just about hobnobbing with middle class parents. I’m not sure that’s worth £327, especially when there are so many baby classes around – but on the other hand, my sister advised it’s best to make friends before the baby comes because afterwards you are too knackered to put effort into meeting new people, and I am new to Kingston and have no friends in the area so may go nuts alone in the flat with the baby if I don’t make some.

Other than that, there’s a pressure pain on my pubic bone, to be expected I suppose, and have had a couple of psycho mood swings which have sent my husband literally running away from me up the street with his hands over his ears. He’s been very forgiving so far though, and I am going to try and recognise hormone-induced episodes for what they are next time.


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