Sugar Sugar

I’m struggling with eating too much sugar. Icing, cake, sweets and chocolate are one of the most exquisite pleasures at the moment – and I’m eating them daily. My colleague’s sister specialises in gestational diabetes, so I WhatsApp’t her and she told me the cake/chocolate/sweets eating needs to be reduced to twice a week as a treat – and to remove the icing from the cakes completely. She recommended substituting with plain biscuits, fruit loaf, melba toast, scones or plain tea cakes.

Going to work is what’s making it impossible, because I don’t include sweets in my home shopping. There is an occassion for cakes and sweets at work about 3 times a week, and in between we eat the leftovers. This week there is a bloody bake-off between the departments. People circulate the office offering cakes and waft their sweet, buttery aroma under my nose. Most people laugh when I decline and insist – seeming to be of the opinion that now I’m pregnant I’ve got a license to eat the world with a Marachino cherry on the top.

Here is a snap shot of some of the delectables in the office:





I really want to be healthy for the birth and the baby, so I need to get a grip. Jake read an article about babies being born and going straight onto sugar drips because of their mother’s eating habits. Not to mention the size she will be when she emerges if I carry on like this. Wince.

In other news, we went to a beautiful wedding on Saturday. I found a stretchy dress from Oasis one size bigger and I felt quite glamorous in it. I love my bump at the moment and feel very womanly and earthy. It’s still small enough that I feel mobile and energetic but it’s noticeable that I’m pregnant.


I had a really painful abdominal side cramp on Monday and was stuck in a hunched over position for about 15 minutes. We read in ‘What to expect…’ that cramping is normal unless accompanied by fever/bleeding/other symptoms so it’s probably just growing pains.

Other than that, we are booking NCT this week and still debating names. I put a poll up at work for a laugh but it turned into carnage with people adding their own suggestions and voting multiple times. My mum has bought the baby a cot from Mothercare that converts into a little bed for when she gets older and we are starting to collect a small mound of outfits for her and some bright pictures of funny looking birds for her nursery.


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