It’s a…

It's a...


We are delighted! It’s been very strange finding out the sex of the baby. Wonderful, but definitely strange. For a start, the baby becomes much less abstract and more like a real, tangible human being – and at 21 weeks she announces her presence further with kicks and nudges of increasing strength.

The other emotion I felt was a kind of fleeting mourning for the boy identity. Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t wish for a boy over a girl – but when you don’t know the sex, you think and dream for 5 months of both possibilities. You name the girl and you name the boy. You think of the pros and cons of both and what kinds of activities you can do with both. Making cakes with the girl and your husband going fishing with the boy (Suffragettes are stirring in their graves at my last sentence, I’m sure). We’d agreed on ‘Rupert’ for a boy so we had to wave goodbye to the Rupert that never really existed, but did in our heads. Maybe he will show up one day.

And so we say hello to our little princess of sugar and spice and all things nice. And if my obsession with cakes is anything to go by, she will be the sweetest girly girl ever.


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