Nerves and niggles


My latest bump pic taken in the new flat. Despite the fact I’m looking smugly chirpy in this picture, some annoying physical niggles have taken hold – the symptoms of which I’ve consulted Dr Google on. I’m experiencing upper/mid back pain, which Dr Google suggests could be a trapped nerve between two ribs (apparently the ribs get pushed together as the baby grows). I also woke up in the middle of the night last night unable to breathe, as though my nasal passages were swollen closed. I’ve diagnosed myself with pregnancy rhinitis – higher amounts of estrogen can contribute to swelling in the mucus membranes. And finally, my least favourite current symptom – my acne, which has spread from my chin to my jaw and neck, where I now have painful boils festering under the skin. Likely caused by progesterone hormone surges which increase the amount of acne-causing secretions that build up.

Very nervous and excited about the scan on Monday, I can’t believe two whole days need to elapse until then. I’ve just read all the things the Sonographer must check during the scan on the NHS website and it’s quite a list. I’m going to try and be quiet and let her get on with it this time, rather than bellowing frantic questions at her like I did in the 12 week scan. Our conversation went something like this:

Me: ‘is it alright? Is it normal?’
Her: *checking*
Me: ‘is it normal?’
Her: *checking*
Me: ‘what does it look like?’
Her: ‘just give me a minute to finish checking.’
Her: ‘everything seems to be perfectly normal’
Me: ‘so it doesn’t have three arms?’
Her: ‘No’.

I tried to pass off the three arms question as a joke, but in secret it was a serious question.


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