Waking, peeing, drinking and thinking

Awake. It’s some time around 2am. My evening has been a carousel of waking, peeing, drinking and thinking – and I’m about to go back round for the eighth time.

My face has been festooned with spots. One can emerge from being non-existent to fully mature in literally fifteen minutes. I also got a mild rash on my arms yesterday, but I’m taking it all in my stride.

We’ve moved into the new flat, so I’m enjoying occupying myself with searching for furniture to enhance it and generally feathering my nest. We can hopefully find out the sex of the baby in two weeks, so then I’ll focus on the nursery and getting some playful pictures up and a fluffy rug.

It will also be a relief to concentrate the baby name search on names for just one sex. I have a favourite names list that keeps changing and evolving. I think the time has come to stop asking people their opinions on names, as like arseholes, everyone has one.


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