Nesting Instinct


At seventeen and a half weeks I’m feeling very happy in my body. Jake took me to the local public swimming baths on Sunday – complete with octopus fountain and wave machine. We were met with a chaos of families bobbing up and down in the waves and shrieking children being tossed into the air (and probably doing wees in the pool). A shock after the civilised little pools I’d been to at my last few gyms where everyone had to wear a rubber hat and have a shower before they got in. We brushed aside a fleeting concern about verrucas, got stuck in and did some laps. I really enjoyed it and it felt like the perfect type of exercise for me in my state at the moment.

People have been commenting that my boobs are growing massive, which they are. They feel a bit itchy from the rapidity of it all. Might be time to start with the Bio oil to try to curb stretch marks (or some more natural oil without petrochemicals in it, like coconut).

My gums are throbbing. Apparently the hormones makes them swell and become inflamed and susceptible to infection. Have a dentist appointment in early March.

On Saturday we move to a new flat and my crazy nesting instinct commences. I have already done a PowerPoint presentation for Jake with scale diagrams of the rooms and furniture to indicate desired layout and missing furniture that must be purchased before the baby arrives. He was bemused. This flat is the first environment the baby will ever experience so I want it to be perfect. Clean, fresh, safe and visually stimulating.

Two and half weeks to go until the anomalies scan, which is making me feel nervous already.


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