Oranges and 80s hits

The baby is now the size of a naval orange and over the course of next week, grows to the equivalent of a dragon fruit. The app should really have a more pedestrian fruit reference for those of us living in colder, less exotic climes. I’ve only seen a dragon fruit once, in Thailand.

Travel has been a nightmare in London due to strikes and weather, and people have become noticeably less keen to relinquish their seats when they see me. Wearing a ‘baby on board’ badge is an interesting social experiment that allows you to observe the very best and the very worst of human nature all at once. Over the last week I’ve witnessed both ends of the spectrum – from a woman who most definitely read my badge, pretended she didn’t see me and barged ahead of me to take the one remaining seat on the train so she could put her face on, to another woman who was so protective that she got into an altercation with a business man she thought was pushing me.

My midwife gave me a diamond piece of info last week regarding train travel (that apparently the rail companies don’t go out of their way to shout about). There’s a form you get at 20 weeks to certify the pregnancy (you also show it at work to secure maternity pay) which if you present at the ticket window, will get you a replacement first class ticket to your destination. Welcome news!

Nothing weird has happened to my body this week, which is refreshing. Been trying to focus on feeling ‘quickening’ but I really can’t fathom what the hell is going on in my baby zone what with all the gas and twinges and muscles pulling here and there.

A guy at work, who has a little girl, said his one piece of advice to me would be: ‘don’t bother listening to advice, from anyone’. His one piece of advice then turned into three pieces of advice as he added: ‘don’t read anything on the internet, just get a good baby book’ and ‘remember to play classical music to the baby in the womb. We did and my daughter is practically a genius’.

First parent fail: had ‘101 80s Anthems’ on this week including repeat listenings of ‘Don’t You Want Me (Baby)’ by the Human League.


2 thoughts on “Oranges and 80s hits

    • Yes – we plan on doing! I went to a hen party over the weekend and sat by a loud speaker so I need to counter balance this experience with something a bit more cultural.

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