Bloat Quote

To quote Peep Show: “I feel like someone’s inflating a balloon inside me, and not in a good way”.

I’ve just had a Pret tuna sandwich and I feel like I’ve eaten a bowling ball dropped in a bucket of cement. My stomach has practically halved in capacity. I can really sympathise with that fat guy in Seven who was force-fed baked beans until his gut exploded right now, albeit he was an actor and it never happened.

I’ve got my week 16 appointment tomorrow so I’m feeling worried and weepy again. I am also very tired and went to make my daily cup of tea (I allow myself one at work if I’m particularly knackered) and just poured boiling water on my fingers like a total moron. I’ve since read on the NHS website that pregnant women with any kind of burn should seek medical attention, but it seems a bit extreme in my case, so have simply patched up with tea tree burn gel and dressing.

My last point of moan is that my coccyx bloody hurts after more than about 15 mins of walking. Apparently this might disappear as the baby gets bigger and pops out so the pressure and weight is applied in front of me and not pushing down on my back. Burnt fingers crossed for that!

Going to get home, watch a bit of Nordic crime drama and then get to bed and show today the door. Tomorrow, if everything proves to be OK in my week 16 appointment i.e. baby’s heartbeat, I resolve to be a chilled out hippie for the rest of the pregnancy. Maybe I’ll even learn to play the ukulele and grow my armpit hair.


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