Stressie J

I’m obsessively worrying about the baby again after a few weeks holiday of being relaxed. Perhaps because it’s been a while since I’ve had any kind of check up. In particular I’m worrying about MMC (missed miscarriage), which I didn’t even know about until recently. I keep frequenting pregnancy chat forums like netmums and babycenter to seek some reassurance and comfort, but invariably come across tales of women whose babies stopped growing at 13/14 weeks and they never knew anything until their 20 week scan. I can feel myself whipping up into a frenzy about it all. There’s a tiny voice of reason trying to shout through the noise but it’s barely audible at the moment. Considered buying a Doppler from Boots to hear the heart beating, but the reviews say they are rubbish and you can’t hear anything, which would only make things much worse.

Additionally, I keep reading that you are meant to be able to feel your uterus by now from the outside. Apparently if you run your fingers down your stomach from underneath your ribcage to your pubic bone, eventually you hit something a bit hard which is it. Cannot feel any such thing on myself and only ending prodding my bladder and making myself need the loo.

Maybe I should disable Safari on my iPhone until this child is born as I can’t resist scouring all this stuff which is probably ill informed bullcrap.

In another bizarre turn of events – water is now making me feel sick. Yes, water. I ate an entire Papa John’s pizza and a rhubarb crumble and double cream yesterday, but a swig of pure water triggers an up-chuck reflex. How and why?


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