What a Peach!

Today the baby graduated from being the size of a kiwi to being the size of a peach, according to my Health and Pregnancy app.

Other developments this week are that ‘lanugo’ (tiny hairs) are growing all over his body that will eventually become the patterns on his skin and his finger prints. His skin is still translucent, he might be sucking his thumb, and he can now frown and grimace.

Had a good, busy week. Had some feelings like period cramping yesterday, but it’s probably the womb and uterus stretching so not too worried. Been sniffly and keep getting nosebleeds in the morning. Still very breathless from minor physical exertion, but my heart fluttering had stopped.

I’m wondering whether I need to stop sleeping on my stomach and back now. The midwife told me to lie on my left hand side in the second trimester because the baby prefers it (?) but my bump is very small. I still haven’t put on any weight – I’m 10 stone exactly, which I was before I got pregnant.


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