Feeling Good

I’m feeling great today. My nausea has been gone for a few days and I’m starting to enjoy eating diverse foods again. I had clams yesterday – something which previously would have seemed repugnant – and I’m back to being fully carnivorous. Plus, if I go to bed at 9:30pm, I have just about enough energy to get through the working day. Still battling the bloat, but in the scheme of things I can’t complain. People all around me have colds, including my husband, but I seem to be in peak physical condition – fingers crossed it lasts.

Psychologically I think I am coming to terms with the idea of labour as well. Don’t get me wrong, obviously I’m still apprehensive, but for the last few months I’ve only been focusing on the fact I will be wracked with pain for hours on end. Now that I’ve seen my baby on the ultrasound, I’m focusing more on what labour will mean – that we will finally meet and I will be able to look at his face and hold his little body. Now that I’ve seen him, I know he’s coming out no matter what. Being scared about it isn’t going to change that fact, so it’s a waste of energy.

I’ve been listening to a podcast called ‘Pregtastic’. There are episodes (webisodes?) where women who have been through labour recount their experience step by step. This has helped me a lot. Some women shy from exposing themselves to the gritty detail, but I think it’s demystified labour for me somewhat.


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