1st Scan


So, here is the little bruiser. Looks big but he/she is only about 4cm. I can’t stop looking at his face, I feel like I can see his features really clearly but maybe I’m just projecting an image onto him.

I was so, so nervous before my scan. I had weird nightmares last night about being sonographed by teenage nurses chewing gum and giggling and carving medical graphs into my bare legs with needles. I’ve felt very overwhelmed all day (my scan wasn’t until 5 in the evening) and have been tearing up over things. I thought I would burst out crying during the scan but I didn’t react like that at all, I was completely awe struck. I made out his little figure immediately and was just transfixed. His heart was going like the clappers, like a rodent. I couldn’t hear it but I could see it animated on the screen. We asked the sonographer to have a guess at the sex, (I know it’s too early, but my friend said they guessed her baby’s sex at 12 weeks) but she said there really isn’t any point as if it’s a girl the genitals are swollen at this point so they stick out and look like a winky.

Jake thinks the baby has a big nose. I think he looks beautiful. I can’t believe he exists, it’s so surreal.


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