Evening Bump


This is my evening bump at the moment. It’s about a third smaller in the morning so it must be partly water retention or something. Coming along though.


Getting Away With it

I made a somewhat distasteful joke over lunch today at work and nobody pulled me up on it. My colleague then commented that because I was pregnant I got away with it. I pondered this and realised it is a bit true. You can get away with things more when you are ‘with child’. Eating the last biscuit, making social faux pas, not helping with anything vaguely physical, being a bit snappy, the list goes on. I intend to enjoy it while it lasts. I wonder whether it’s because people perceive you as weak and vulnerable when pregnant, and therefore treat you a bit like a child – or whether they just think: “this chick has a world of pain ahead of her, so I’m gonna give her this one”.

Stressie J

I’m obsessively worrying about the baby again after a few weeks holiday of being relaxed. Perhaps because it’s been a while since I’ve had any kind of check up. In particular I’m worrying about MMC (missed miscarriage), which I didn’t even know about until recently. I keep frequenting pregnancy chat forums like netmums and babycenter to seek some reassurance and comfort, but invariably come across tales of women whose babies stopped growing at 13/14 weeks and they never knew anything until their 20 week scan. I can feel myself whipping up into a frenzy about it all. There’s a tiny voice of reason trying to shout through the noise but it’s barely audible at the moment. Considered buying a Doppler from Boots to hear the heart beating, but the reviews say they are rubbish and you can’t hear anything, which would only make things much worse.

Additionally, I keep reading that you are meant to be able to feel your uterus by now from the outside. Apparently if you run your fingers down your stomach from underneath your ribcage to your pubic bone, eventually you hit something a bit hard which is it. Cannot feel any such thing on myself and only ending prodding my bladder and making myself need the loo.

Maybe I should disable Safari on my iPhone until this child is born as I can’t resist scouring all this stuff which is probably ill informed bullcrap.

In another bizarre turn of events – water is now making me feel sick. Yes, water. I ate an entire Papa John’s pizza and a rhubarb crumble and double cream yesterday, but a swig of pure water triggers an up-chuck reflex. How and why?

Chivalry Lives

Since I’ve been donning the ‘Baby on Board’ badge Londoners – men and women – have been springing up to offer me their seats, which is really heart warming. Always on the overground. Not such a good record on the tube, but that’s mainly because no one looks at each other.


Starting to worry and obsess again about the welfare and general aliveness of the baby. Jake says to try not to be neurotic during the pregnancy or the baby will come out as a tiny Woody Allen.

The mysterious case of the disappearing bump

People have started commenting on my bump, which is embarrassing because it’s gas. I wake up in the morning with an almost flat stomach and by the end of the day it’s large, round and pronounced and looks exactly like a pregnant belly – only to deflate again the following morning.

To save face I am proudly rubbing it and smiling. Looking forward to the real deal.

Goading the pregnancy gods…

… was not a good idea. Wracked with a terrible headache which I’ve had since the early afternoon. I’ve had an arid, dry mouth all day and drunk tonnes of water as a result, so I can’t be dehydrated. Then read on the internet that drinking too much water can cause your brain to swell and bulge against your skull, giving you a headache – so maybe I’ve saturated my brain. But how much water is too much? And how much have I even drunk?

Trying to get to sleep with the raging headache as well as training myself to sleep on my side as instructed. Feeling grumpy.

All is Not Well in Denmark

Or in my bowels. Arse explosions all morning, had to work from home.

I rang the 24 hour hotline my midwife gave me at 7:30am and they picked up after 1 ring, very impressed. The operative said quite a lot of pregnant ladies were ringing with the same problem so in her opinion it was an airborne bug. She told me resting and drinking fluids is the best thing to do and to arrange an appointment if it didn’t subside by tomorrow. It’s now the pm and things seem to be back to normal (fingers crossed and buttocks clenched).

Come on pregnancy! What else have you got? Bring it on.

Woman versus Food

Woman versus Food

Had an indulgent start to the day. Ordered two breakfasts and destroyed them both within 20 minutes.



Now I’m feeling distinctly off-kilter. We’ve been traipsing around flat hunting today and I’ve been battling explosive bowel issues in between viewings. Luckily things seemed to have calmed down now, but won’t be over-zealous with the multiple breakfasts again.

What a Peach!

Today the baby graduated from being the size of a kiwi to being the size of a peach, according to my Health and Pregnancy app.

Other developments this week are that ‘lanugo’ (tiny hairs) are growing all over his body that will eventually become the patterns on his skin and his finger prints. His skin is still translucent, he might be sucking his thumb, and he can now frown and grimace.

Had a good, busy week. Had some feelings like period cramping yesterday, but it’s probably the womb and uterus stretching so not too worried. Been sniffly and keep getting nosebleeds in the morning. Still very breathless from minor physical exertion, but my heart fluttering had stopped.

I’m wondering whether I need to stop sleeping on my stomach and back now. The midwife told me to lie on my left hand side in the second trimester because the baby prefers it (?) but my bump is very small. I still haven’t put on any weight – I’m 10 stone exactly, which I was before I got pregnant.

Elasticated Waists


I tried on the maternity jeans my sister lent me on Monday and they were a revelation! Why didn’t I put them on sooner? I was beaming all the way to the station in the morning – they are so comfortable – it’s like wearing a second skin. I’ve been holding off because my belly has been largely bloat and flab from eating so many carbs in the first trimester, but there’s definitely some distinct growth now, albeit hidden under my carb layer.

I’ve told everyone at both my offices now (I’m on secondment) and everyone was so pleased and excited. I’ve felt bashful having so much of every conversation taken up with me and my future baby. I’m sucking up every little bit of this time because it feels magic.