Booking Appointment

Feeling happy and relaxed after my first appointment with the Midwife this morning. The visit got off to a distressing start when I went to the loo to do my urine sample. As I tried to squeeze out a wee I felt a sharp pain in my lower right side, which persisted and continued to grow in circumference until it overcame me and I slid off the toilet seat and lay grimacing on the toilet floor in the foetal position with my pants round my ankles. I could feel myself sweating and my face felt completely drained of warmth. I lay on the floor listening to my phone vibrating in my bag – my husband wondering why I’d been so long. Eventually it subsided and I pulled myself together, managed to pass a measly cm of wee. In the waiting room I told my husband what had happened and he looked worried. I thought at the very least if something bad is happening I’m in the right place for it. I’d handed in my sample and filled in numerous forms, and then it was my turn to see the Midwife. My Midwife is called Scarlett, she’s a lovely, smiley lady – I wouldn’t put her any older than 27. I told her immediately what had happened and she said it sounded very much like a urinary infection and in addition to this they’d found traces of protein in my urine sample, which would also point to a urine infection. She asked if I’d been drinking enough water and admittedly, I haven’t. I’m tired of going to the loo 35 times a day, and I was especially thirsty last night but I was also knackered and didn’t want to get out of bed and go downstairs – not to mention get up again 2 hours later in the middle of the night to go to the toilet yet again. Anyway, I’m pretty relieved that that’s what it most likely is, and nothing related to the grubb. I’m under instruction to carry a bottle of water with me to sip at all times as standard for the rest of the pregnancy. The urine sample has gone off for confirmation of the infection and I have an option to take anti b’s if it’s confirmed.

I’m also under strict instructions from Scarlett to stop Googling things related to the pregnancy. I told her about my neurosis about pretty much everything and the things I’d read online – that you can have miscarriages without blood, that hot baths can hurt the foetus, that organs can prolapse out of your vagina during birth, etc… I feel much calmer now I’ve spoken to a professional. I wish they offered some kind of consultation at the beginning when you’re in prime Google mode.

The great thing about the visit was that following the barrage of medical questions I was asked (including one checking whether or not my husband and I were related!) Scarlett assessed my pregnancy as 0% risk – which means I am eligible to give birth in the Malden Suite. The Malden Suite is down the corridor from the regular birthing ward and has baths for water births, exercise balls and ropes that you can swing from in the throes of agony like a demented Orangutang. You cannot arrange to have an epidural if you are booked into the Malden Suite, but if it turns out you really need one – they can move you into the birthing ward. I figure I may as well start off with the intention of not having an epi, and see how it goes. Naive as I may be.


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